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The Frankston & District Basketball Association (Frankston Basketball) is the largest sporting association on the Mornington Peninsula with over 14,000 participants per annum. 

Frankston Basketball provides programs that are inclusive and allow people of all ages & abilities to enjoy the sport of basketball based on their skill level and age. In 2016 Frankston Basketball had two of its representatives (David Andersen & Ryan Broekhoff) represent Australia at the Rio Olympics and regularly hosts national and international matches each year. 

In early 2012 the Frankston Basketball commenced a process for the redevelopment of 

Frankston basketball stadium (90 Bardia Avenue, SEAFORD VIC). A facility which interacts with over 750,000 people per annum including half the people in the Frankston municipality who play sport. Due to its density of usage, the Frankston basketball stadium requires immediate refurbishment and expansion so Frankston Basketball can adequately manage the future growth trends of basketball participation in the Frankston municipality. 

The last expansion of the Frankston basketball stadium was in 1991 when 4 additional courts where extended onto the original 2-court stadium. The membership of Frankston Basketball funded 

($1.65 million) this expansion without any outside financial support from government agencies. In 2014 Frankston Basketball secured $2.5 million from the state government of Victoria to kick start the planned expansion project which would deliver more courts; a 2,000 show-court; and capacity for improved food & beverage service and capacity to manage high performance. 

At that time Frankston Basketball committed $1 million of member’s money; along with 

Frankston City committing $4 million. In late 2015 the federal government of Australia announced it would contribute $4.95 million along with an additional $250,000 (announced in late 2016) to go towards the purchase of retractable seating. 

Fast forward to 2017 and in the shadows of the much needed expansion project commencing of Frankston basketball stadium; with a contracted builder on site, Frankston City has recently issued an ultimatum to Frankston Basketball to sign future lease terms or the project will not go ahead. Frankston Basketball has rejected these terms due to the unsustainable nature of them. 

Proposed lease terms include a 6% income tax on FDBA income which will see the annual rent figure of Frankston basketball stadium increase by 250% per annum. As part of these terms Frankston City have not indicated a path forward for the much needed items including: retractable seating to be installed as part of the expanded facility. Along with setting a lease period of 5 x 5 years with council reviewing rent figure at the conclusion of every 5 years and having the power to increase the rent if council want to. Frankston Basketball have provided Frankston City with preferred lease terms and await advice from council regarding acceptance of these terms.  

This petition of the members & participants of the Frankston & District Basketball Association (Frankston Basketball) call on Frankston City Council to adopt Frankston Basketball’s preferred future lease terms of the expanded Frankston basketball stadium. Terms which include the removal of the 6% tax on FDBA income; provide appropriate permits for the future installation of retractable seating & High Performance Centre; increase period of lease to 20 years with option for a further 20 years; provide industry standard (preferred) equipment; and allow Frankston Basketball to effectively manage Frankston basketball stadium car-park. 

To follow the progress and keep up to date visit the FDBA Press Release page.

The petition can be signed at Frankston Stadium, during competition hours from Monday 27th March to Sunday 2nd April.