Frankston Blues Team Lists 2014 VJBL Season


On behalf of the FDBA, I would like to thank all players and their families for their participation in the 2013 Junior Blues Tryouts.
The tryouts phase is a difficult time for all and we have undertaken a new strategy in keeping the playing arena free from all except the players and coaches and we thank everyone for their understanding and adherence to this policy.

The closed sessions have allowed for easy flow of players between courts, far superior communication and a less pressurised playing environment. It has also allowed for coaches to manoeuvre through the venue uninterrupted which has given them more time to focus on each of the players.

As with all tryouts, difficult decisions have to be made and the manner in which the coaching staff have conducted themselves needs to be acknowledged. It is not an easy task reviewing the performances of some 500 odd players over three separate sessions; deciphering who stays, who goes and where each player is best suited. Many coaches have had to decide the playing futures of former players who they hold a strong attachment for. These moments can be as gut wrenching for those coaches as it is for the players and their families.

However, it was great to see the lines of communication so open and the sharing of ideas and opinions flowing freely to come to consensus on selection of playing squads for this weekend and I thank all coaches for being so committed to the program and generous with their time.
I also want to thank the Junior Blues Committee for their unbelievable efforts over the past month. These heroes of our club have been giving up their weekends and volunteering enormous hours going all the way back to the Junior Blues Awards Nights. Without them we have no club and we honestly can’t thank them enough.  

Below we have posted the training squads for this Friday night’s round of Intra-squad games. I must stress that these are only squads for Intra-Squad games – not selection into the Frankston Junior Blues. Some positions within the club are still to be decided upon and nobody should mistake selection for these games as a guarantee for selection into a team.

Please note also that THE LOCKOUT IS OVER and families are welcome to come and watch our young athletes in action at these Intra-Squad games.
At the conclusion of these games, coaches will forward their selections for teams to the Junior Blues Committee for publishing on this website before 3pm on Saturday 19th October.

You will also find attached a schedule for this Sunday’s team training. This is a one off schedule and all teams are fixtured at Frankston to accommodate REGISTRATION DAY. Sessions will be brief and courts shared to ensure all teams can be present on this day.
Midweek training times are in draft phase and will be made available to coaches and players as soon as times are confirmed.

Once again, I thank all for their endeavours over the past few weeks. For those who have not been selected for a team this year, this is not the end of the line for representative basketball unless you choose it to be. Even Michael Jordan wasn’t selected for his 10th Grade High School team and just three years later was hitting the game winner for North Carolina in the NCAA Championship game.

For those who did not make the team they were striving for – don’t be too disheartened. Every player in this program needs to continue to work hard to be the best version of themselves. Take the challenge to be the player that nobody outworks and ensure that you are not overlooked for your preferred team next time. It’s often those who wrestle with adversity and find a way to overcome setbacks that make it furthest on the basketball pathway.


“success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill


Kind Regards,

Simon Mitchell






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To view final team lists and Sunday training plan download the PDF's below: