Junior Competition Committee (JCC)

The  Junior Competition Committee (JCC) is a junior grading committee comprised of volunteers from FDBA affiliated clubs.

The primary goal of the JCC is to make all junior competitions as evenly graded as possible. The committee is responsible for observing grading games and recommending changes to the FDBA.

Members of the committee can expect to attend up to four meetings per season with the majority of these held during the grading phases of the junior competition. Meetings are generally held on Monday evenings at Frankston Stadium.

All clubs are strongly recommended to have at least one member on the JCC. Clubs may endorse any associated member (18yrs+) from their club - this may be a committee person, administrator, team manager, parent, etc.

Nominations are for the Summer 17/18 season will open in August.

Enquiries can be directed to the FDBA Programs Administrator:

Dion Paull
(03) 9776 8999


Please find the JCC nomination form below: