Dave Taylor Bio

Dave Taylor lives by one motto—adapt and overcome. It’s what’s led to 25 successful years of coaching at the division one collegiate level, inner city high schools and national basketball camps. And it’s this single idea that has helped him impact the lives of thousands.

Early on in Taylor’s life he was tasked with overcoming his own circumstances. Growing up in Southern Los Angeles, Taylor was told early on that if he wanted to go to college he’d have to find his own way. Determined to reach the university level he fueled his diligent work ethic through basketball, choosing to avoid the lures of drugs and alcohol by honing his craft. Taylor’s commitment to stay clean and focus on basketball resulted in multiple scholarship offers from division one schools with his loyalties inevitably going to the Air Force Academy.

Following a two and a half year stint at the Air Force Academy Taylor moved back to California where he received his master’s degree in Kinesiology at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Taylor began his coaching career by taking a job as head coach at Templeton High School where he took over an 0-17 team and led them to the final four of their division in only his second year with the program.

But the west coast couldn’t contain him for too long. After 5 years he went back to the Air Force Academy to be an assistant men's basketball coach of their Division I basketball team.  Taylor also coached their JV team, leading them to their only 20 win season in their history before being promoted to the #2 assistant. After four years at the Division I college level Taylor realized it was not the place for him. Run too much like a business, with wins coming before player development, he retreated back to coach high school ball with one goal in mind—impact lives.

While coaching at various high schools around California Taylor began getting involved with camps in the area. Impressed with his passion and commitment to youth development he quickly became a popular figure among the coaching community to the point where that is all he does now, run basketball camps around the world!

Coach Taylor also runs NCAA CERTIFIED BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS in Anaheim, California where he meets with the NCAA and hundreds of College basketball coaches.  He also runs basketball camps domestically in Connecticut, Hawaii, Florida, California, Oregon, Oklahoma City, Texas, Ohio, Massachusetts, and many other cities and possibly a city near you in the not too distant future.

Now Dave’s pursuit to positively impact lives through basketball and education has taken a new path with the Dave Taylor X-Factor camps, where he will be flexing his motivational muscles in his own camp forum. As Dave will tell you he’s never coaching basketball players but instead future politicians, lawyers and doctors. Only a select few have the opportunity to play at the pro level, but everyone has the chance to be the best person they can be. Taylor just wants to help them realize their own potential.

2016 September Visit

In September 2016 Coach Dave Taylor ran an invitation only clinic for a small group of elite athletes, featuring 4 members of Aussie Elite AAU 2016.

Over 3 hours Taylor walked through and explained key points of emphasis, coaches look for when selecting athletes in general and athletes from Australia, to play college basketball in the USA.

Taylor has already been booked for 2017 with bigger and better plans